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burger bustle

Burger Bustle is a challenging game and requires a lot of speed, particularly when you get to the final four locations.  It also requires a vast amount of planning so that you can beat all those hard hitting time targets to get a golden award.  We have spent a lot of time playing the game, and have come up with some useful hints and tips that will help you to succeed in the game.

Complete the tutorials for because they clearly guide you through the production process of all the new products that have been added.

Essential workers – make sure you have are one person frying burgers as a minimum, whom you can also use to load the salad.  You also need one worker as a vendor for your side dishes, as well as one waiter to serve all your foods.  Do not compromise on any of these otherwise you will not be able to keep up with the pace of the game.

Right from the beginning, we strongly advise you to keep all your food dispensers loaded with one serving – for  instance, make one of each burger, French fries, ice-cream, and sodas.  It’s crucial that you know that both fryers have the capacity to fry two burgers at a time, so take advantage of this feature.

Because you do not get any wastage overnight – for example – you don’t get any cash deducted for unserved food or drinks, or even any penalties for binning wasted food items, you should not hesitate to keep all your dispensers full (at all times) and make the complicated burgers prior to any orders being placed.

You don’t have to layer your burgers with the salad toppings (lettuce, tomatoes and cheese) in any kind of order.  Just make sure that you choose the right layers.

After you have served food to all your customers, you should refill all your food dispensers straight away.  You will save a lot of time and avoid keeping all your customers waiting this way.

Be aware that none of you customers have any particular preference for food items that you display on your shelf. This just functions as an additional area for holding food.

The decor that you first choose to upgrade your cafe with does not actually matter because you will have to use all the parts so that you can complete your cafe any way.

Utilise all the time delays that you get between all your customers arriving to make the difficult burgers in advance in the event that you have to complete them as one of your ‘tasks’.  The time delays happen a lot more frequently than you expect.

If you want to get to a golden level, you will have to plan which counter you are going to unlock, the number of servers you are going to use, and which task you intend to prioritise

So, if you get a cash related target, you should try to use a minimum amount of workers. Do not recruit your final staff member until AFTER you accomplish your cash target because when you reach it, it doesn’t matter if you end up falling behind.  Remember to keep a time buffer of around five to ten seconds when adding a new employee.

You will not improve the mood of any of your customers if you end up serving them parts of their food orders.  You must concentrate on finishing their full orders so that you can earn all your cash and complete the task counts.

Postpone unlocking an excessive amount of side dishes or even filling counters for any order targets. Serving all your big orders with complicated burgers as well as numerous side dishes takes up extra time.  For instance, avoid increasing the amount of orders that you have completed versus serving just a basic burger, or a soda.

You must employ staff to work on all your filling and burger counters as quickly as you can for all tasks that are not food or cash related.  Don’t forget that it is not necessary to finish orders just so that you can meet you time targets, you just have to meet the ones that are listed.  It’s better to serve all these first, and then you can finish the rest of the orders after the clock stops.

Note that customers who eat in your cafe only get classed as a completed order after they finish eating, which takes time.

We advise that you add ketchup to the burgers and collate all your tips.  After all, the money you get from them is crucial.

Take advantage of the right hand click button on your mouse instead of relying on dragging food items; you will serve all your customers immediately this way, save yourself a lot of time, plus your mouse pad will last you a lot longer.  For any targets that are not cash related, and are focussed on counts instead, leave out the tomato ketchup.

Aim to use the coffee machine twice (as a minimum) in each level. Just use it when you’re rushed with orders because it renews itself gradually.

We hope this guide servers you well. If you would like to have a go at more games involving burgers we recommend you check out this Burger Games Website which hosts a lot of cool browser games. We’d also recommend trialling Burger Bustle 2 which is now out.